The YRCW Business Model For LTL Trucking

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YRCW is located in Overland Park, Kansas with a corporate office in Akron, Ohio and other subsidiaries including: YRC Reimer, Reddaway, Holland and New Penn. YRC Worldwide is the leader in the transportation business when it comes to meeting any and all commercial, industrial and retail goods needs. As the nation’s largest Less-Than-Truckload carrier, they help set the standard for the supply chain logistics and freight management. The future looks bright for YRCW as industry analysts report that the company is going to beat industry expectations for 2014 on top of a strong 2013.

They specialize in solutions for businesses not only in North America, but in global transportation and logistics as well.

Shipping with YRC Freight is easy: simply visit their website and use their online quoting and booking tools. Customers are able to quote, book, schedule pickup and request delivery confirmation as well as being able to create and email bills of lading and automatically receive email messages with updated shipment statuses.

YRC offers LTL transportation services throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and other off-shore destinations with standard, expedited and guaranteed shipping options. National less than load keeps you connected with your shipment from its original to its final destination.

National Less Than Load Services From YRCW

YRC Worldwide – One-stop shopping for all transportation needs

-Simplicity, convenience and reliability via single carrier responsibility and single company contract for all shipping arrangements.
-Access to knowledgeable customer service professionals
-Representatives at all border stations to expedited the customs process
-Real time shipment tracking via the website, toll free voice response system, live chat and mobile applications

For products that are difficult or expensive to package and are high in value, YRC offers Sealed Divider Freight shipment protection. Using this protection offers:

-Cost effectiveness- you only pay for the amount of space you actually need.
-Protection- handling is minored thus reducing the possibility of damage.
-Security- offers protection from theft and burglary.
-Documentation- clear documentation of all aspects of the package in case the government or industry requires it.
-Traceable- alerts in case of a security breach.
-Convenience- trailers are clearly marked for faster loading and unloading.

Yellow Freight can also haul certain regulated and non-regulated hazardous material for you as well.

The company provides:

-Seamless delivery throughout the US, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska.
-All drivers have a CDL with the hazardous materials endorsement.
-Sealed Divider and Freeze Protection
-Access to a 24/7 chemical helpline to ensure all shipping forms, labels, packaging and other regulations are met prior to shipping.

Count On YRC Worldwide Freight For Your Next Freight Shipment

YRCW really is your one-stop shop for all of your transportation needs. Offering a full service network and utilizing the most advanced information technologies available, you can’t go wrong you choose YRC Worldwide for your next big shipment.

Working For YRC Freight

Reviews for careers with YRCW are among the best in the freight industry.

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Take this for example from Ron C. in Omaha, NE:

The pay with YRCW is great and has traditionally been at the top of the industry. The level of respect at the terminal I was employed at was excellent, their benefits are top notch unparalleled by any company in the industry. The company, like all the others in the LTL industry, was hit hard from the economic downturn in 2007. They weathered the storm for 5+ years and through key mergers and acquistions, I have been back at full time employment with them since April of 2013.

With locations all over the county for operations and management may be able to change terminals while keeping fringe benefits intact. Union employees can only move if there is a Change of Operations that necessitates relocation of work, then they would be subject to a seniority-based bidding process. This company, I believe has the most experienced and professional employees of any trucking company in business today. Their is virtually no turn over due to good pay and benefits, also they employ for the most part only qualified drivers to do all work. (most companys use underpaid dockworkers to the work inside the terminals).

I have worked almost ten years as a LTL driver, it’s honest work, fair compensation for a fair days work. If you are going to be in this industry YRCW /Yellow Frieght will continue to be a top LTL employer.